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SEO websiteHaving a good looking website design is an important factor when trying connect with your target audience. Bland, boring websites, or cluttered, disorganized websites are not engaging. The user experience is poor and therefore will only get a quick glance before your potential customers continue clicking elsewhere. On the flip side – what good is an attractive website if it never gets seen? In case you were wondering, “No good!” is the answer we were looking for! In order to get your website seen it has to come equipped with the smarts to know what keywords people are looking for. There is a critical balance between human-friendly (pleasing to the eye) and robot-friendly (pleasing to the search engines).

So how do you ensure that your small business website is the perfect combination of beauty and brains? The answer is very simple. By hiring a website design company like Splendor Design Group, you can discuss what options you have to make your website both attractive and user friendly while also using the latest in SEO strategies. Splendor Design Group works with its clients to combine visually powerful, award winning web design with high performance search engine optimization. We make you look good AND get seen. Not too shabby right?

Your website design and your SEO serve different purposes, but they need to work together, not against each other!

Now – you may not be sure if your small business website even needs this kind of makeover. If that’s the case just have our experts review your current website to analyze its current search engine rankings. We will look to see how easily found your website is using the most commonly used and desirable keywords specific to your business. Once we’ve made our determination we’ll review our findings with you so you can make an educated decision. From there it’s just a matter of updating your website visually and writing SEO content that’s engaging and specific to your field. This will optimize your search engine rankings and ensure that once your website is found, your potential customers stick around long enough to see what you have to offer.

If you’re ready to have your website reviewed by an award winning website design company to see if your small business website is in need of new logo design, website design or SEO please feel free to get in touch with us at our contact page here » Contact Us.

For further reading on the topic of design-meets-SEO, consider the recent post on, a leader in search engine optimization data and information.

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